Seylan Bank Partners with STAREMIT to Facilitate Convenient Remittances for Sri Lankans in South Korea


 Seylan Bank, the Bank with a Heart announced its partnership with South Korea’s STAREMIT, enabling a convenient real-time money transfer option for Sri Lankans in South Korea.

The partnership comes at the opportune time when many Sri Lankan expatriates have chosen to send money to Sri Lanka to support the nation, and Seylan Bank’s dedicated remittance opportunity makes it safe and affordable to transfer funds into the country.

Seylan Bank Partners with STAREMIT to Facilitate Convenient Remittances for  Sri Lankans in South Korea | Colombo Gazette

Expatriate Sri Lankans can use the STAREMIT app to conveniently carry out transactions 24/7 through a smart device, for a “ZERO fee” until the 30th of November 2021, incurring no commission costs from either party, when remitting funds to or through Seylan Bank.

Senders will be able to leverage on competitive exchange rates, and receive an additional Rs. 2 above the rate for every dollar remitted. The exchange takes place in real-time, with money credited to any bank account in Sri Lanka.

“At a time when foreign exchange inflows are invaluable to the country, Seylan Bank is proud to be able to provide convenient and affordable options for Sri Lankans living overseas to make their remittances.

The partnership with STAREMIT opens up our facilities for the many Sri Lankans working in South Korea, to safely send money to their loved ones back at home.

As the Bank with a Heart, we will continue to grow strategic partnerships with financial institutions worldwide, to provide the best service to our customers.” stated Malik Wickramanayake, Deputy General Manager – Operations Seylan Bank.

STAREMIT joins the strong lineup of international remittances partners of Seylan Bank, through whom the Bank facilitates convenient remittance services for Sri Lankans living and working abroad.

As a customer-centric bank, Seylan focuses on overseas Sri Lankans and their loved ones’ back home, providing the most on their transactions with multiple added benefits.

Seylan invites its valued customers to experience the unparalleled remittance services provided by the bank, ensuring the best benefits through their many inward remittance partners including Seycash, RIA, Western Union, Transfast, Instant Cash, Unistream, Cash Express, Speed Send, Intel Express, Placid Express to name a few.

For more information on the platform and its services please visit or WhatsApp the Seylan Bank 24/7 hotline on +94 772008888.

Seylan Bank, the Bank with a Heart, operates with a vision to offer the ultimate banking experience to its valued customers through cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and best-in-class services.

The Bank has a growing clientele of SMEs, Retail and Corporate Customers, and has expanded its footprint with 172 branches, 70 Cash Deposit Machines, 86 Cheque Deposit Machines and an ATM network of 216 units across the country.

Seylan Bank has been endorsed as a financially stable organization with performance excellence across the board by Fitch Ratings, with the bank’s national long-term rating revised to ‘A’ (lka). The bank was ranked second among public listed companies for transparency in corporate reporting by Transparency Global and is now part of the S&P Dow Jones SL 20 Index.

These achievements are a testament to Seylan Bank’s financial stability and unwavering dedication to ensuring excellence across all aspects.Image Caption Malik Wickramanayake Deputy General Manager Operations Seylan Bank.

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