Hambantota Industrial Park to manufacture home appliances

  • Expects to roll out first batch within 12 months

The Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG) said it will produce home appliances at the Hambantota Port Industrial Park before July next year by combining their latest concept “HIPG Speed” with the port’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Plug and Play 'Park in Park' Industrial facility at Hambantota  International Port - Adaderana Biz English | Sri Lanka Business News

HIPG, with their partner the Shenzhen Xinji Group, with whom they recently signed an agreement, will introduce the “plug and play” concept soon, and HIPG Speed will play a vital part in its progress. Shenzhen Xinji Group Chairman Yang Lin said: “Our modern standardised factory set up will be ready to roll out the production of home appliances within a span of 12 months. The concept is to act as an incubator to support more enterprises, who will have a simplified entry into the Hambantota Industrial Park.”

With a view to fast track the project’s progress, Port Investment Services has extended investor support services in tandem with the relevant government departments to better facilitate Xinji. They extended support in the areas of completing the project application and related registration work, preferential policies, etc. for Xinji, who were unable to be in Sri Lanka because of the global health risk.

“HIPG Speed is a concept which ensures that we facilitate our customers with optimum support, clearing the path for them to start operations, which includes cutting through red tape, construction bottlenecks, logistics support, on-site explorations, equipment preparation, training, etc. In the case of the Xinji project, we took only 20 days from completion of the project signing to commence the site construction,” said HIPG Port Investment Services Senior General Manager – Legal and Corporate Affairs Tim Xiao.

Once complete, the Xinji “Electronic Processing Park” will be the platform for them to independently carry out production and trading of household appliances. Through its construction, leasing, and operation of standardised workshops, it will provide one-stop service facilities for upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in the park, while continuing to strengthen their co-operation with HIPG in multiple business verticals.

“We are on the verge of entering a new stage in port development through our industrial park located within the perimeters of HIP. We are now creating a streamlined industrial park that will complement our sophisticated port operations. This will open doors of opportunity for Sri Lanka, firstly across South Asia and then to the world at large,” said HIPG CEO Johnson Liu.


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