Six multinational technology industry giants present at ICTA’s ‘National Digital Consortia’ 2022


ICTA in partnership with industry partners FITIS, SLASSCOM, BCS and CSSL and National Partners Export Development Board and Board of Investments, will be hosting the Inaugural ‘National Digital Consortia’ from January 10th to 13th 2022. The virtual conference will be graced by six esteemed global tech giants Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Huawei, Amazon Web Services and Zoom.

These six multinational corporations will be presenting on the latest products, services and trends in the international tech market in order to give exposure to the local technology industry. There will be sessions on technology diffusion in industries such as agriculture, health, education and fintech, case studies and fireside chats from the biggest users of the organization’s products and services and sessions on digital government transformation.


The event will be attended by businesses within the technology industry, government agents, academia and anyone interested in the latest trends in the technology world. Registrations are open on ICTA social media – Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.


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