Sri Lanka’s Tech Startup Program Spiralation opens for 2021 applications


Sri Lanka’s apex Government body in driving the tech-startup ecosystem, the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) is now calling applications for its national startup initiative ‘Spiralation’ for the ninth year running.

The Spiralation series has so far supported more than 90 successful startups across multiple industry verticals – including health, finance, agriculture, education and logistics-and has generated more than 500 job opportunities.  

The latest round, called Spiralation 2021 Tech Startup Support Program, sets the stage for tech startups to be groomed by offering comprehensive technical and business training hosted by industry experts.

Founded in 2010, Spiralation, which acts as an incubator and accelerator program, aims to promote, encourage, and support tech startups and innovation within Sri Lanka with a Rs. 1.5 million grant for each startup in a cohort.

Sri Lanka’s Tech Startup Program Spiralation opens for 2021 applications
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As a startup joins the Spiralation program, the grant will be split and presented according to its achievement of already set targets, based on predefined milestones. Startups will get continuous support from the resource pool throughout the incubation/acceleration period and beyond. 

Spiralation also facilitates tech startups to access both local and international markets, provides opportunities to attend international conferences, helps startups grow faster and scale their businesses.

Many tech startups that were supported by Spiralation are now successfully operating in fields such as quality education, agriculture, health and wellbeing, banking and financial services, fashion and apparel, and infrastructure. To be eligible, applicable startups need to be listed in StartupSL Platform. New startups (registered or looking to register) can apply and also registered companies that are less than three years (calculated as of application date) in existence are also eligible. All applications should be submitted through the registration form in and applications submitted in any other method will not be accepted.  

Applications are open till 10 May and interested applicants are invited to register via As the catalyst in shaping the tech startup ecosystem of Sri Lanka, ICTA pioneers in supporting startups via Spiralation and all other startup related activities in its ‘Startup Ecosystem Development’ Strategic Business Unit under the Digital Economy Pillar of ICTA. It is initiated with the view of developing new tech-based business ventures in the country, increasing startup quality, providing early-stage funding, knowledge, and everything a startup needs to run a successful business.


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