Niftron raises Rs. 21mn capital from LAN’s Angel Fund

The Angel Fund has invested Rs. 10 million in Niftron, a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that aims to make blockchain simpler and...

Rupee depreciates to Rs 195.21

The Sri Lankan rupee has further depreciated to Rs 195.21 against the US dollar. Meanwhile, the buying...

Rupee bounces back following record low

After hitting a historic low level against the US dollar last Thursday (15), the Sri Lankan rupee (LKR) has appreciated by...

Sri Lankan Rupee appreciates significantly

The Sri Lankan Rupee has further appreciated against the US Dollar with the buying rate of the dollar dropping to Rs....

Urgent intervention vital to stabilise falling rupee – Economists

Urging swift action by the monetary authorities to arrest the weakening trend of the Sri Lankan Rupee economists and financial analysts...

Sri Lanka rupee plunges amid money printing as car imports collapse

Sri Lanka’s rupee has plunged to 199 to the US dollar in March as vehicle imports collapsed to almost nothing, official...

Sri Lanka rupee ends at 199.50/200.25 levels to the US dollar

Sri Lanka’s rupee closed at 199.50/200.25 levels to the US dollar in the spot market on Thursday after opening around 200/203...

LIBOR Phase-out, RFR Adoption: A Path Forward for Sri Lanka

There is indeed little doubt that central banks and major firms around the world have heaved a sigh of relief in...

WB says as SL should focus on competitiveness and debt sustainability to ensure resilient...

Despite the heavy toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on Sri Lanka’s economy and the lives of its people, the economy will...

Most Sri Lanka Covid-19 moratorium debt recovering, about 20-pct under stress: regulator

A majority of borrowers given in Sri Lanka given a debt under moratorium given as relief during the Coronavirus have begun...

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Sri Lanka forex reserves up US$471mn in April after China loan

Sri Lanka’s forex reserves grew 471 million US dollars in April 2021 to 4,476 million US dollars from 4,055 million dollars...

China looking at Sri Lanka to fill and finish Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccines

China is looking at contracting Sri Lanka biotech company to fill and finish Sinopharm vaccines in Sri Lanka the country’s embassy...

Sri Lanka finds Indian Coronavirus variant inside quarantine

Sri Lanka has found the Indian SARS-Cov-02 variant in a returnee inside a Coronavirus quarantine centre for returnees researchers said.