Paving the Way for Success this 2022 with NDB Wealth


Expert financial and wealth management planner NDB Wealth heralds the new year 2022, with much anticipation hoping that success will be at the forefront for all their loyal customers.

A key part of NDB Wealth Management’s strategy has always been on educating consumers on the importance of financial planning, investment and wealth management. Never has the dawning of a New Year been viewed with as much expectation and hope for the coming of 2022 as the past two years have tested the mettle of most individuals, businesses and corporates. Adjusting to the new norm, businesses need to look beyond the usual and deploy the safest, yet most rewarding financial solutions to meet financial objectives.


“Planning for financial security and stability is of paramount importance and one that you should definitely focus on during the new year. This is an area which can have a tremendous impact not only on your life but also on the success of your business and the impact will be felt by the future generations too. At NDB Wealth, our dynamic investment portfolio has wide-ranging plans that can help to financially enhance diverse businesses. Backed by our proven expertise, we are able to help and guide our customers to make sound decisions to optimize their investments and reap better benefits with long term growth and prosperity,” commented Prabodha Samarasekera, CEO of NDB Wealth Management.

NDB Wealth financial plans are designed to reflect an investor’s current situation and address the future needs and wants. The diverse range of investment plans can help you plan and manage your financial growth stress free. Money Fund, a Money Market fund from NDB Wealth is one way of enhancing your business portfolios in the new year. This account will help you to plan ahead and prepare for business expansions and portfolio diversification. An excellent, multi-purpose account for individuals and corporates, Money Fund helps businesses to solidify the future and expand operations, making it the account for every season, for everyone. With a current yield of 7.40% as at 22nd December 2021 Money Fund from NDB Wealth will get your investments working harder for you, delivering a host of benefits offering lucrative returns, with interest credited daily and offering a high level of capital safety enabling investors to enjoy and live stress free.

It’s time to enjoy a wealth of success. Visit or call on 0719 788 788 to speak to a relationship managers and set up your Money Fund. You can also visit their website to explore other investment opportunities, or even connect with NDB Wealth’s exemplary team of financial planners who can help you to achieve full financial freedom, with all the benefits it entails.

NDB Wealth is fully owned subsidiary of the NDB Bank, one of the fastest growing financial services conglomerates in Sri Lanka, with the strategic mission to be the leader in the financial services and banking sector. From its inception, the group which includes NDB Bank, NDB Investment Banking, NDB Wealth, NDB Securities, and NDB Capital has been a catalyst in the development of the nation, strengthening and empowering entrepreneurs, corporates and individuals from all strata of the economy. The customers across all NDB Group companies have benefited from the extensive product and service offerings of the NDB Bank and its affiliates.

*Current yield is variable and subject to change. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Exploratory Memorandum before investing. Among others, investors should consider the fees and charges involved.


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