SLASSCOM launches Compensation and Benefits Survey 2020


Driven by the objective of providing an in-depth analysis of the compensation and salary-related trends and insights of the Sri Lankan IT and BPM sector, the Sri Lanka Association for Software and Services Companies (SLASSCOM) recently launched its Compensation and Benefits Survey for the year 2020, in partnership with PwC Sri Lanka. 

SLASSCOM Board Director and
HR Forum Head Shehani Seneviratne

Positioned and recognised for being at the forefront of driving knowledge and innovation in the IT/BPM industry, SLASSCOM has always been a sought-for disseminator of relevant, reliable and timely industry data, insights and information. With over 200 member companies, the association covers a huge spectrum of the industry, empowering it with the necessary reach and ability to conduct a comprehensive analysis. 

Recognised as a thrust industry within the National Export Strategy (NES) of Sri Lanka with the global promotional tagline of ‘Island of Ingenuity’ for world-class knowledge solutions, the local IT/BPM sector is focused on reaching its 2025 goal of being a $ 5 billion industry, powered by over 200,000 skilled jobs as well as a thriving ecosystem for start-up companies. 

This comprehensive research report, which will be published for circulation in December, will equip industry players with insights, data and trend analysis for decision making with regards to its employees and human resource management in general. 

“Carried out covering 150 job positions across a plethora of jobs, representing the practices and perspectives of small, medium and large scale IT and BPM companies, the SLASSCOM Compensation and Benefits Survey will provide a wide-ranging compensation and benefits analysis which will arm companies with a comprehensive toolkit of information for effective forecasting and positioning,” explains SLASSCOM Board Director and HR Forum Head Shehani Seneviratne.

The report will provide statistical analysis of the market mean, median and percentiles for jobs across the IT and BPM sector along with a skill-based analysis of common proficiencies identified to provide an understanding of the variance in pay associated with such skill sets. It will also cover graduate salary scales of selected job positions, providing valuable insights to industry players with regards to entry level salary scale benchmarking. 

From a larger perspective and an operational outlook, the research report will deliver an in-depth analysis of the emerging human resource management trends and practices in the sector along with a holistic analysis of the various compensation policies, employee attraction mechanisms, and retention and engagement strategies adopted by the IT and BPM industry. This year’s report will have a special section on post COVID employment trend analysis as well.

The SLASSCOM Compensation and Benefits Survey 2020 is open to all companies in the industry. Responding to the survey is free of charge, and companies who participate in the research will be offered a discounted rate when purchasing the research report. Companies in the IT/BPM industry who are interested to take part in the survey can do so by sending the contact details of the Head of Human Resources department of the organisation by email to Further concessions on the report price will be provided to SLASSCOM member companies.

Hailed as one of the most vibrant and active sectors in the country, the IT and BPM industry of Sri Lanka is constantly impacted by contemporary challenges, emerging trends and market forces. To be on top of all this vigour and dynamism requires investment in solid information and market intelligence gathered on a timely basis. Always dedicated to empowering the local industry with knowledge, intelligence and understanding, SLASSCOM eagerly awaits the completion and publishing of its Compensation and Benefits Survey for the year 2020, which will be instrumental for sector companies to take the right decisions in the next year and beyond. 


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