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Whether you’re interested in acquiring a new marketability or want to research a topic for pleasure, online learning platforms are a wonderful and easy to use resource for self-help learning. These platforms tend to be a little more flexible as an alternative to online schools and may provide more particular or unusual lessons you would not get at a conventional university, but it’s vital for prospective students to evaluate their possibilities to find out what’s better for them.

Here you will find a couple of our suggestions from masterclass to classroom so you can register now on our finest online learning platforms.


It’s definitely Udemy if you want to learn anything. The site is less of a cohesive platform and more of a gateway or repository, where more than 100,000 courses on any subject are available for students.

In addition to programming and IT training, business skills, teaching, productivity and more you may get language, arts, music and fitness courses. There are also personal development and lifestyle categories that encompass life skills and other approaches which aren’t always what you would acquire in an academic environment.

Best online platforms for learning - Udemy | LankaTalks

A Udemy course does not have a set format; instead, teachers can create multimedia lectures containing audio, video, and text elements, as well as readings, quizzes, and other activities. Udemy allows students to preview programs they are interested in and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy.

Because each lesson is designed and taught uniquely, it is also priced accordingly: Lifetime admission to a single course can range from cheap (about $11 to $15) to expensive (around $200 or more).


While many online platforms offer college-style programs, Skillshare is less formal and focuses on boosting creative abilities.

The website offers business and marketing programs, but the bulk of courses are in creative disciplines taught by practical experts: photography, cinema, animation, visual arts, writing, interior design, and more. The emphasis is on teaching students practical skills that they may then use to their own projects. Most courses consist of a series of video sessions interspersed with tasks that allow students to practice their abilities.

Best online platforms for learning - Skillshare | LankaTalks

Instead of a plan of subscription per course, Skillshare offers a subscription model so that students who enroll can take as few or as many courses they like when they subscribe. The price now is 32 dollars a month, or if you pay one year in advance, it’s 168 dollars (this is about 14 dollars a month).

This means that the site also offers a number of free lessons, from small films of 20 minutes to lengthy one-hour or more lessons. They are not as thorough, but a means to test possibly interesting subjects. They are an excellent way.


Although MasterClass does not only provide creative classes, its branding packages place the actors, authors, painters, musicians and more on the teacher’s seat.

And these are not only one-off classes of “speak” style: Most courses are about 20, exactly like a regular one, so you may delve into your chosen topic pretty deeply. If you are interested in these often opaque professions, there is no better approach than to hear them directly from the individuals who have previously succeeded.

Best online platforms for learning - MasterClass | LankaTalks

Those courses are video-based, along with practical guidance and demonstrations with easy lectures, workbooks and lectures. Shonda Rhimes television writes guidance, Gordon Ramsay cooking, a movie course from Martin Scorsese, or creative leadership with Anna Wintour may be found. you can also learn.

Since MasterClass is a subscription-based platform, under a monthly membership, you can take as many sessions as you like. For unlimited access the prices are around $15 a month, however students need to register for a period of one year.


Coursera is not just a location for courses like college, but it also provides genuine teacher and academic courses at a fraction of what it costs to graduate online.

The platform links over 200 colleges and industries to offer genuine learning experiences that may bring real advantages to the globe. Sometimes, you may even get certificates or degrees through Coursera, which can lead to professional advantages such as raising awards, promotions and more. Coursera also provides difficult and entertaining lectures on many areas even if you’re not seeking for reasons for professional growth.

Best online platforms for learning - Coursera | LankaTalks

There are multimedia courses available on the platform to enable instructors to build classes, to submit films, to allocate and grade tests and assignments of work and other aspects in an online college class.

There are occasions when you may buy a pack of courses at a time (and sometimes with a reduction) as a ‘track’ or certification/degree program, however each course is independently expensive (the lowest start is about $30 – $40 and climb from there). More than 3,000 Coursara Plus courses are also available for $399 a year for unrestricted access. You get to the online college experience almost closest without registering for college.


EdX has an advanced reputation, but an accessible system—it was created by Harvard and MIT.

Genuine colleges are offered in a vast variety of topics and areas, designed and taught by real college teachers. They are leaning slightly towards STEM, although several languages, humanities, and art courses are also available. EdX provides professional diploma certifications and micrograduate courses at the bachelor’s and master’s level, in partnership with numerous institutions, mainly as a tool for professional growth.

They also offer a “Global Freshman Academy” through a cooperation with the Arizona State University to earn transferable loans for selected classes. “True” online courses are analogous to classes: Readings, lectures, readings, assignments, debates and questionnaires are only a few components that you may find.

Best online platforms for learning - edX | LankaTalks

The great point of sale for EdX is that most courses are free, but catch. If you take the class for your personal training experience, you’ll probably have a free version to work, but the “verified certificate” option will cost around $49 per class if you want to be validated for technical reasons.

Each course has an official “starting date,” rotating time and time again, but students can go at their own speed once the training has begun.


Tech skills are among the most marketable programs you can take for yourself, and Udacity provides courses in all the most popular subject areas.

The Platform is created as a variant on the manner of learning “code bootcamp,” where web development, programming, cloud computing and data science are the main focus. Whether you’re a complete novice who tries to build a new skill set or want to extend your knowledge of a specific subject, you’ll undoubtedly find a course on the proper level.

Best online platforms for  - Udacity | LankaTalks

Each curriculum consists of practical practice, real-world applications and examples, personalized code reviews and actual trainers and career counselors who are able to respond to your specific needs.

The platform of Udacity is slightly different than those on the market. Their main product is not a “nanodegree,” but a bootcamp program which includes several courses, projects, customized evaluations, class discussions, and one-on-one professional technical mentoring. Depending on the subject, most programs take 1 to 5 months of a part-time study.

However, all these features have a price tag: It is $399 a month for students who purchase the whole four months at one time, or around $597.


Pluralsight offers training in areas like as software development, data science, information and cyber security and more, designed with professionalism in mind.

Students may take individual courses, but Pluralsight urges you to follow one of its “paths” firmly. Those programs are essentially mini-degrees: a set of related programs, such as individual programming languages, safety qualifications, creative talents, especially software, in a certain field of knowledge. These predefined pathways remove the device out of learning – you may also make a brief exam to establish your level of skills, which will bring additional adaptation.

Best online platforms - Pluralsight | LankaTalks

The course collection has more than 7,500 courses over hundreds of courses and you may tap into specific courses that take only a few hours even if you aren’t prepared to take a whole package.

No matter how few or how many lessons (or trails) you wish to take, the price of a personal plan is the same at $29 a month (or around $299 a whole year with a little discount). There is an extra premium package for about $449 per year, including all the normal features and courses as well as interactive courses and standard industry examinations for many professional certifications.


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