PIM Monthly Montage ‘Leadership in Tough Times: A focus on the people factor’ tomorrow


The eighth consecutive Monthly Montage of PIM will be held on 8 July from 6-7 p.m. via Zoom and will feature PIM Consultant and Faculty Member Dr. Samantha Rathnayake and Daraz Sri Lanka and Daraz Pakistan Chief CommercialOfficer Muditha Premarathne, a digital transformation campaigner and growth strategist. 

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Both have specialised in the focus area of getting the best out of people and that is a competency which is important now more so than ever before. As the nation’s management mentor, PIM considers it a duty and a privilege to ring this insightful discussion to the student and business community of Sri Lanka.

The current uncertainty in the economy and business environment has led to many individuals across different industries to feel threatened, stressed and demotivated as there seems no smooth and straight drive to emerge out of a pandemic. Constant lockdowns, regular discovery of new clusters, new variants emerging are among some of the key concerns holding the recovery back. This is further complicated by some of the economic and business challenges faced on a macro scale. 

It becomes vital for a manager/team leader to be able to balance the emotions of employees and get the most out of them. This discussion will be focused on both the theoretical aspects and the practical elements of getting the most from the team from the evidence of research and also multicultural work experiences of the panelists. The forum will be moderated by PIM Senior Lecturer Tharindu Ameresekere.


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