Dialog empowers enterprises with unparalleled ‘Dialog Direct Cloud Connect’ service


For the first time in Sri Lanka, Dialog Direct Cloud Connect (DDCC), powered by Dialog Enterprise, the corporate solutions arm of Dialog Axiata PLC, has pioneered the means for Sri Lankan businesses to have a truly local cloud experience built to global standards, with the establishment of a direct and dedicated connection from an enterprise’s premises to their chosen global, public cloud data centres. 

DDCC enables customers to have secure and private connections to public cloud platforms for workloads that require higher speed or lower latency.

Paving the way for this new venture, Dialog has formed strategic alliances with some of the leading global cloud service providers, including Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Huawei. With predictable, reliable and high-throughput connections offered by DDCC, applications can span on-premises infrastructure and hyper-scale platforms without compromising privacy or performance. 

For example, hosting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application in Azure that authenticates enterprises with an on-premises Active Directory service while integrating with many other on-premise business applications and serving all corporate users and customers without traffic ever routing through the public Internet guarantees high security and a greater user experience.

DDCC’s enhanced information security of customer cloud environments is a result of using private connections to transmit data instead of public networks. 

This will enable enterprise customers that process, transmit or store cardholder (or sensitive) data of service providers, merchants, processors or issuers to purchase PCI Compliant resource pools from preferred public cloud platforms complying with all leading security and compliance standards. Customers can also implement additional security controls by encrypting the traffic that rides the direct connections using similar protocols like SSL, HTTPs and SSH.

The phenomenal technological feat of linking the private direct connection to a highly diverse and redundant submarine cable system, between Colombo and Singapore, over MPLS technology has made it possible for Sri Lankan enterprises to establish direct links with global cloud service providers. This level of redundancy assures the mitigation of risks associated with cable failures/network failures. Attesting to this redundancy, Dialog offers a guaranteed SLA of four nines (99.99 percent) for any given month of the subscription. 

With the use of industry-standard 802.1q VLANs, DDCC has made it possible for the customers to partition the dedicated connection into multiple virtual interfaces as opposed to the conventional Internet-based connection, the DDCC provides a higher degree of bandwidth throughout and significantly reduces network costs, whilst adding seamless, consistent access to experience global cloud services. 

In addition to these salient features, Dialog also offers subscribers the ability to choose flexible bandwidths, thereby offering them a superior cloud experience bundled with unmatched multi-cloud offerings, making DDCC an unparalleled service the Sri Lankan market has yet to witness.  


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