Bye bye, office space: The companies committing to WFH

During the last few months, the Covid-19 pandemic forced many Sri Lankan companies to adapt to the new norm of working from...

Left out & Unaccounted for: How COVID-19 is exposing inequalities in cities

By Aline Rahbany, Technical Director, Urban Programming, World Vision   “It is getting tough to get ration. We get things only...

Just How Safe Is It To Be Outside During Coronavirus?

Summer is just around the corner, and the outdoors may seem like the perfect escape from the threat of contracting the virus....

How Vitamin B Can Help You Go Through Summer Heat Without Breaking a Sweat

With all the problems we’ve had so far in 2020, it’s easy to forget that warm days are upon us. The searing...

Say oui to ennui: how to face, and even embrace, your boredom

here’s a murky undercurrent to this week’s story about the French worker awarded €40,000 in damages by a court who agreed that...

SL to reopen borders, tourists will be repeatedly tested and banned from public transport

Sri Lanka has announced that it will welcome tourists from August 1, but only if they meet strict requirements and undergo rigorous testing for...

Quitting These 5 Habits Can Protect You From Heart Attacks

1. Staying indoors A lot of the technological marvels and discoveries of the last several decades have turned us into couch potatoes. Not to mention...

How Sugar Steals Vitamin C From Your Cells

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that are relatively well-known to people outside of the medical sciences. Common sources of vitamin C include oranges, lemons,...

Nawaloka Hospitals opens dedicated centre for the elderly

Reaffirming its commitment to providing holistic, compassionate care to senior citizens, leading hospital chain, Nawaloka Hospitals ceremoniously unveiled the Nawaloka Elders’ Holistic Healthcare. Nawaloka...

Lebanon to conduct free PCR tests for Sri Lankans seeking to be repatriated

The government of Lebanon has agreed to conduct free PCR tests for Sri Lankans seeking to be repatriated, the Ministry of Foreign Relations said. In...

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Sri Lanka coconut auction prices drop 12-pct from peak

Sri Lanka’s average coconut prices fell 5.67 percent to 48,743 rupees for a 1000 nuts at an...

Sri Lanka to give same state guaranteed price for all types of paddy

Sri Lanka will give the same guaranteed price of 50 rupees for all types of paddy, during the Yala 2020 minor cultivation...

New appointments to Central Bank’s Monetary Board

New members have assumed duties as serving members of the Monetary Board of the Central Bank, pursuant...