Chandimal writes to Aravinda regarding cricket future


Sri Lanka cricketer Dinesh Chandimal has written a letter to the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Cricket Committee expressing disappointment over the “ad-hoc nature” over his selection over the last couple of years and requesting a meeting to discuss his future in playing cricket for Sri Lanka.

In his letter to Committee Chairman Mr. Aravinda De Silva, the former cricket captain says that since his school days his only dream, intention and love has been and will continue to be, to play for his country at a professional level. 

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“The ad-hoc nature over my selection over the last couple of years have caused me much stress and has subsequently affected my cricket. As a past cricketer you would understand that selection consistency and selector’s trust in players is a must to perform on the field,” he said.

The letter also contains facts on his past performance in cricket and performance of other past players. Chandimal says his only intention of stating these facts is to make De Silva understand his position and the organisation’s vision of his future

“Based on these statistics, I personally feel I have been grossly vindicated of selection to represent the country I adore in both white ball and test cricket,” he said.

Chandimal says that going beyond his player statistics, his compliance towards health and fitness and his ethical standards towards SLC have been of the highest calibre. 

“I have always demonstrated outstanding team player skills. In my career, every decision I have made was always by putting my country and team first sometimes with dire consequences for me personally.”

Therefore, considering the highlighted statistics and his continued passion to play for Sri Lanka, he requests an opportunity to meet with the Chairman of the cricket committee and the respected committees to discuss his future, in playing cricket for Sri Lanka.


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