MSI launches MSIology: MSI Gameverse virtual event to unveil 12th Gen Intel® H series laptops


MSI, a world-leading gaming and business computing brand, has launched a virtual event, MSIology: Gameverse, announcing their latest gaming and content creation laptops. Features include the latest 12 gen Intel® H series processors, up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti Laptop GPU, and MSI-exclusive thermal solutions, which boosts performance to the whole new level. MSI not only just released the highest performance laptop in the market but also delivered a series of Meta-Ready laptops to connect users to the Metaverse.

The event also announced the launch of several technologies including MSI the brand-new exclusive cooling technology, named the “Phase-Change Liquid Metal Pad.” When the computer’s heat reaches 58° Celsius (136° F), the Phase-Change Liquid Metal Pad melts and fills the space between the CPU and the thermal block. This phase transition makes the heat transfer more efficient than traditional thermal pastes and more reliable than liquid metal solutions. With this new innovative cooling technology, the overall performance increases up to 10%.


MSI also announced their new flagship gaming laptop, Stealth GS77 – winner of the latest 2022 CES Innovation Awards. The Stealth GS77 comes with a brand-new design that shifts the hinge towards the middle and uses more robust materials, resulting in two times the durability compared to previous models. Walking the line between work and gaming, the Stealth GS77 packs in additional features for business use. It has enlarged the trackpad by 50% and provides 8% larger keycaps for an even smoother experience. The Stealth GS77 also comes with a physical camera lock to add an additional layer of privacy.

Another announcement which was made was MSI’s collaboration with Ubisoft on the new Crosshair 15 Rainbow Six Extraction Edition. Referencing the palette from the game, it comes with a brand-new eye-catching design featuring yellow, green and blue colors as if users are entering the game itself. Designed for FPS gamers, the MSI Crosshair 15 is armed with up to QHD 240Hz display and up to Nvidia RTX 3070Ti GPU, which boosts up to 140 watts TGP, nearly a 50% increase in extra power than average laptops with the same specifications. Most importantly, the new Crosshair 15 is also a “Meta Ready” laptop.

Intel also showcased its new platform during the MSI launch event. Greg Cnossen, Intel Global Consumer Sales General Manager, pointed out that the new architecture of 12th Gen CPUs have offered a mix of performance and efficiency, with up to 14 cores available in the H series CPU. “Combine our brand-new 12th Gen CPU along with the thermal performance and experienced design capabilities from MSI, and you can see why we were so excited for MSI next-generation gaming and creator laptops.”

MSI also announced their new Content Creation Series laptop at the second-half show. MSI revealed their latest CES Innovation Award winner, Creator Z17. Crafted with a CNC-milled aluminum chassis and a golden ratio 16:10 display, the design of the Creator Z17 perfectly interprets the concept of technological aesthetics.

Not solely focused on hardware performance, MSI also worked on intelligent technologies for a smoother experience. The latest MSI Center now provides AI modes. The new “Smart Auto” feature will detect which situation you’re in, and automatically adjust the system into different modes, getting the best experience of your laptop. The “Ambient Silent AI” feature will dynamically balance fan speed based on the surrounding noise level and give the highest possible performance while still keeping the laptop quiet.


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