Swiss International Airlines to commence flights to SL


Following the decision made by Air France to commence direct flights to Sri Lanka, Swiss International Airlines is also to commence direct flights to the country from 5 November 2021 onwards from Switzerland. 

Swiss Int'l Airlines to commence flights to SL - The Morning - Sri Lanka  News

The airline announced two weekly flights between Colombo and Zurich while lifting the aviation restrictions that were imposed due to the still prevailing pandemic.  


Speaking in this regard, State Minister of Aviation and Export Zones Development D.V. Chanaka stated that there are several other new airlines negotiating with Sri Lanka at the moment in order to commence operations to Sri Lanka during the winter season.

“We are excited to see the support that is given by the existing and new airlines to revive the country’s aviation industry as well as the tourism industry,” noting that the aviation industry’s revival would consequently develop the tourism industry of the country, which were hard-hit due to the pandemic safety measures.

According to the statistics provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in 2020, the Covid-19 crisis affected the removal of more than 5.9 billion passengers for the whole year in comparison to the projected baseline which is the pre-Covid-19 forecast for 2020. It, thus, represented a decline of 62.3% of global passenger traffic compared to the year 2019, which is the sharpest traffic decline in aviation history.

On the same day, Air France also announced the resumption of direct flights catering tourists from the regions in Europe, the US, Canada, Central America, as well as South America through its network and the services of joint-venture partners such as Delta Airlines from the US along with Virgin Atlantic from the UK.


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