Divine Villa, Heenatigala: Launch of boutique property to herald a new era of experiential luxury travel in Sri Lanka


The Divine Villa, located in Heenatigala, Galle, opened on December 22, 2021 as a luxury boutique villa, welcoming local and international tourists alike. The boutique property is considered an architectural masterpiece that utilises the beauty of Sri Lanka’s lush surroundings and naturally tranquil atmosphere whilst offering a truly luxurious escape for the modern traveller in search of an experiential holiday built on a truly Parisian, sun-kissed lifestyle.

Founded by French Travel Enthusiasts – Christophe and Diane Chambre, the 200 perch property located on a sloping angle features an expansive 54,000 sqft lush garden area, and is flanked by a dense Paddy Field and a Tea Plantation, wherein the property’s architectural design and landscaping works with its natural shape and form to ensure minimal soil erosion and environmental disturbance. The cascading design and feature interiors of this sustainably built property comes from the mastery of Sri Lankan Architect – Manjula Kalhara De Silva, and Engineer – Mahesh Nandana, inspired by property Co-Founder – Diane Chambre. The designs follow a minimalistic plan with manipulation of cubic forms, rustic materials and marriage of the natural topography of the verdant green landscape with open indoor spaces. The property is rooted in Sri Lankan-styled architecture, whilst being inspired by French-living.


Speaking with Co-Founder, Divine Villa, Heenatigala – Christophe Chambre stated: “The Rs. 200 million property was created to cater to the modern, environmentally conscious traveller and promises an escape that brings to life the essence of paradise, serenity and a truly tropical experience. Whilst the world continues to be ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, the facts remain that the Travel & Tourism industry will once again boom and in with it will Sri Lanka’s popularity as a tourist destination”

The property consists of five [05] luxury villa-style suites that overlook a garden, plantations, paddy fields and the mountain-silhouette filled horizon. The Ambalama style restaurant & bar is designed to offer a truly unique Sri Lankan experience, offering international cuisine and dining options for its in-house guests. The property also provides guests with access to a private fitness pavilion, spa & wellness pavilion, meditation & relaxation area, as well as the unique tea-plucking experience, Sri Lankan cooking experience, cycling and bike rentals. In addition, the luxury concierge services available when at the property allow for guests to enjoy every whim and fancy whilst staying at the Divine Villa.

Concluding, Co-Founder, Divine Villa, Heenatigalla – Diane Chambre noted: “In 2010 after numerous holidays around the world, we visited Sri Lanka for the first time and fell in love with the beauty of this paradise nation and its unique island-hospitality. Sri Lanka continues to be the wonder of Asia and we are confident that with the influx of tourists, with the subsequent ease of travel restrictions internationally that Sri Lanka’s hospitality industry will once again gain traction.”

The sustainably build property is poised to be the jewel in Sri Lanka’s luxury boutique hotel segment and is expected to create a knock-on effect for Sri Lanka’s hospitality and tourism sector within the French, European and Asian travel markets. The property provides guests with access to local attractions and immerses them in a uniquely Sri Lanka experience – from mask making, lace making, lacquer work and fishing to sightseeing and tours of heritage sites in Galle. In addition, the property provides a boost to the local economy with all food items sourced locally and the provision of jobs, and supplier-ship for locals from the nearby village.


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