Thyroid Cancer – Sugar – Ants


Chinese medical sources have identified that Thyroid cancer is affecting more persons in China than before (average 20% annual increase). In other words more individuals who contribute to national development are being affected & it is still unclear on the possible causes.   Technological developments achieved by Chinese scientists in ultrasonography & diagnosing technology is seen by many as the search light helping to identify more cases than before. Very especially color ultrasonography on the neck is believed to be helping medical professionals to identify thyroid nodules which are even about two millimeters in size. At the same time there is a debate among medical professionals on over-diagnosis & wrong diagnosis according to sources from China.

In 2017 at a Belt & Road medical research conference it was identified that unexpected health disasters & inability of states & communities to control such would affect the developments along the BRI. It is important to keep the populations healthy to reap the benefits of the BRI.  Modern technology is helping that effort through early detection of many medical conditions. Sri Lanka is recovering from the impact of the pandemic. There is a discussion about ants ignoring the sugar available in the market in Sri Lanka at present while there are complains about Sugar shortages again. It is known that Sugar importers are far sighted people as they avoided the danger in the disaster & grabbed the opportunity in it.


Though small in size, ants also must be far sighted to avoid Sugar if they actually do so.  Average Sri Lankans should be vigilant about these developments especially when medical professionals all over the world are unclear on the post COVID – 19 developments in the human body. For most people health was the only wealth they didn’t lose during this period. Therefore, it is important they protect it.

The writer is an analyst with interests in the financial and sustainable development sectors with postgraduate exposure in the Far East (


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