K&T Medical Group launches healthcare venture in Sri Lanka


For the first time in Sri Lanka, Kids and Teens (K&T) Medical Group, one of the largest and leading Pediatric Primary Care Centre in Los Angeles, California with eleven locations and operating successfully for over 15 years, has expanded its services to Sri Lanka and based at Colombo 7 to provide high-quality healthcare, their doors are now open for consultation for the general public.

Kids and Teens and Healthy Life Clinic configured itself in providing quality healthy solutions by offering a range of comprehensive primary care such as consultations, sick care, guidance on development and nutrition and parenting tips and resources.


Healthy Life Clinic is a holistic healthcare center and treats a broad portfolio of diagnostic and proactive health management solutions. They provide instant consultation services, diabetes care, diet and nutrition advice, footcare, eyecare, medical check-ups, and endocrinology services through a wide network of medical professionals, enabling immediate medical advice for any health issue without having to wait for an appointment. Now, Healthy Life Clinic hopes to cater to adults while K&T will handle primary care for pediatrics and general practice.

Kids and Teens Medical Group Launches in Sri Lanka

For the first time in Sri Lanka, all medical records shall be maintained digitally and electronically for in-out patient primary care. Through their use of centralized medical records, they can assess all medical information in one place allowing the healthcare professionals to have an up-to-date report of the patient’s health from anywhere around the globe.

“We believe there is a shortcoming in the Sri Lankan clinic system. Our strength is to help the patient and the physician to follow up on conditions and your wellbeing. Sri Lankan Physicians will have the luxury of being able to participate in the latest care guidelines through our network in the USA. If the necessity arises, our team in the Los Angeles, USA will be able to offer 2nd or 3rd opinions on diseases,” Sunil De Silva explained.

Their specialties are accommodating patients throughout the day each day and making every effort to offer same-day appointments. They are equipped to provide reliable and quality healthcare at affordable prices for all and their operational clinic hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and they have on-call doctors and telemedicine available 24/7.


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