Sampath Bank among country’s Top Ten Corporate Citizens


Sampath Bank PLC was ranked as one of Sri Lanka’s Top Ten Corporate Citizens for the year 2021 at the Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2021 organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, recently.

The Bank was also bestowed with the Category Award for Governance at this forum for displaying high standards of governance in the structure and composition of its Board and Board Committees, its practices to ensure ethical behavior and its reporting to shareholders.


Furthermore, Sampath Bank received a Merit Certificate at the Best Project Sustainability Awards held alongside this event in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the nation for over two decades through its flagship sustainability initiative, ‘Wewata Jeewayak’ (Life to Tanks) tank restoration program.

These recognitions are a further testament to the Bank’s steadfast efforts around driving performance across all elements of the triple bottom line in accordance with the 3 principles of sustainable development – Environment (Planet), Society (People) and Economy (Profits).

Being held for the 18th consecutive year, the Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards are regarded as the highest honor that a corporate entity can earn in Sri Lanka for its ‘Higher State of Corporate Excellence.’ It recognizes best practices of organizations that have successfully achieved a sustainable balance between environmental, social, and economic performance.


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