The launch of Sri Lanka’s first crowd funded medicine donation platform – ‘MYMED SATHKARA’


As Sri Lanka’s first and pioneering medicine donation platform, ‘MYMED SATHKARA’ is created for those battling against serious illnesses like cancer, cardiovascular, neuro and kidney diseases whilst facing financial difficulties in obtaining the medicines required. The grave necessity of such service is especially essential in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic which left many daily wage earners unemployed. This leaves many families financially paralyzed and helpless in getting the needed medication for their loved ones.

With a vision to address this rising concern in the country, – Sri Lanka’s first digital health and wellness platform has taken a revolutionary approach to serving the helpless via crowd-funded platform to sponsor medication. With industry experience and expertise in delivering medication island-wide and having a digitally well-connected 75+ pharmacy network in the country, MyMed has created a digital platform – a crowdfunded medicine donation platform, where anyone from any part of the world could sponsor a prescription of a patient who requires lifesaving medication. Using the island-wide delivery network of MyMed, the sponsored medications would be delivered directly to the patient’s home with free delivery. It is noteworthy that this will be an on-going process and donors can be long-term sponsors of prescriptions and/or on-demand.

Commenting on this matter, Jayomi Lokuliyana (Founder/CEO of Mymed) mentioned that, ‘We were talking to renowned healthcare professionals at the ideation of Mymed Sathkara to understand the requirement. I was surprised to learn that the Sri Lankan government spends an average of 9 Million Sri Lankan rupees on a cancer patient from initial diagnosis until the end of treatment. When we researched more on this topic, we found out how many families are struggling to get their life dependent medication, especially for children. The disease not only affects the patient but challenges the whole family of the patient. There are some cases where the family unit falls apart due to financial pressure or ends up neglecting the wellbeing of other family members to care for the patient. Therefore, we wanted a sustainable solution for this problem and we came up with a crowdfunded medicine donation platform – ‘MYMED SATHKARA’ to help these patients, their families and give them hope’.

Adding to this Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksha, Founder of Cancer Care Association SL commented that “there is an ever-growing need of platforms like this. With the daily number of cancer patients going up its essential that everyone gets to gather to help the needy. Most of the people assume that most cancer patients only need medication. While this is true for a certain extent most of them need other wellness products such as food supplements and other equipment. Having access to these will improve their aftercare and increase the chances of recovery for patients. Not only that. Service like this will actually help the terminally ill to enjoy the little time they have pain free on many of our Hospices”

To identify patients who are financially challenged, Mymed Sathkara has partnered with leading organizations such as Cancer Care Association SL, Samasthalanka Kidney Patients Association, National Council for Mental health and other related bodies. These organizations will provide verified and vetted prescriptions to ensure that all medication is received by those who truly deserve it. Also, the platform extends its service for nutritional support like vitamins, dietary supplements, etc to help with overall health and wellbeing.

Further, protecting the privacy of donors and recipients is very important for MyMed’s operations. Therefore, the platform has created a mechanism for recipients to convey their gratitude to the donors without disclosing their identity. Likewise, the donors can donate under their name or anonymously. The platform also encourages corporates to donate and help save lives as part of their CSR efforts.


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