Recycling deposit of Rs. 10 for 750 ml plastic bottles


The Ministry of Environment is focusing on implementing an alternative programme to prevent 750 ml plastic bottles from entering the environment, by proposing consumers who purchase 750 ml plastic bottles to keep a monetary recycling deposit. Upon the return of the empty bottle, the deposit can be claimed.

New York City is cracking down on plastic bottles - The Verge

This is because the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) says banning plastic bottles is impractical.

The Ministry added that even bottles that have been disposed of can be collected and returned, making it possible for people to earn an extra income. As currently proposed, the deposit is Rs. 10 and the companies involved have also agreed to the proposal.

The Ministry of Environment further points out that as there is no such factory in the country that can recycle such bottles at present, attention has been focused on setting up a joint recycling factory by these plastic bottle manufacturing companies.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment states that another list of polythene and plastic related products has been prepared under the programme implemented to reduce the use of polythene and plastics in the country and it is proposed to ban those products in the near future. 

The reason many of these polythene and plastic products are banned is because they are manufactured materials that have eco-friendly and easily biodegradable alternatives.


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