Inter-province travel ban to remain till 19th July


The inter-province travel ban is to remain till 19th July, the Ministry of Health said today.

Directory General of Health Dr. Asela Gunawardena issued amended health guidelines which will come into effect from today (5th July).

According to the amended health guidelines the inter-province travel ban will remain in force for another 14 days from today.

The travel ban around the island was lifted on Monday 21 June and reimport on 23 June and lifted again on 25th June. However, the travel ban between provinces has not yet been lifted.

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Inter-province travel ban

Police Spokesman, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ajith Rohana said that close attention has been placed on travel between provinces.

He said that vehicles attempting to cross provincial boundaries continue to be turned back. The Police Spokesman said that only vehicles operating essential services are permitted to travel between provinces. 


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