Elevating rural living standards through Crysbro’s Praja Aruna


Sri Lanka’s leading fully-integrated poultry producing giant Crysbro is committed to its novel ‘Praja Aruna’ housing project, launched in 2012 to renovate and build houses for the company’s most deserving employees who tirelessly work while residing in rural regions.

According to the Department of Census and Statistics, 77 percent of the country’s population resides in rural areas, and most often, economic activities in these areas are centered on the primary sector, including agriculture, livestock and fisheries.


Thus, the predominant human activities in rural areas involve the production of food, fiber and other raw materials, proving the contribution of rural residents to be significant in terms of food supply to the growing population and provision of raw materials for industries. However, despite their major contribution to FMCG supply chains in the primary stage, many rural households lack basic amenities of life, such as housing, drinking water and electricity.

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In that light, Crysbro, since the inception of its Praja Aruna project, has amplified its focus and interest in providing an enhanced standard of living to deserving, socio-economically disadvantaged employees. To date, the project has facilitated 84 renovations and 34 new houses which are built and completed.


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