Dubai Global Home offers new opportunities for Sri Lankans in UAE


Dubai Global Home (DGH), a global business initiative providing opportunities to set up businesses, travel, holidays, shopping, investments, education, healthcare, jobs, living, and migration in Dubai in the UAE, is now available for prospective global citizens in Sri Lanka.

The initiative is an innovative approach to delivering detailed information, consulting, representation, and support services for many opportunities in Dubai for professionals, families, and businesses. While services are available virtually, hybrid roadshows will be hosted in Colombo when permitted.

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“In less than 40 years, Dubai city has become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and an appealing investment destination in the UAE. Over the years, the city has evolved into a vibrant, tolerant, and inclusive multicultural society that has led Dubai to become the business hub of the Middle East,” DGH Chief Visionary Officer Israth Ismail said.

“The economy is developing with diversity and variety amongst a vast range of industries, which has offered entrepreneurs from across the globe with new opportunities. As such, the Emirates of the UAE invites global citizens, especially visitors, students, business owners, start-ups, investors, young couples, and others, to explore the city, country, and the possibilities of a whole new world after Covid-19,” he added.

The initiative is connected to a wide range of partners in the UAE to assist businesses in setting up and obtaining necessary services and licenses for operations. DGH also offers students opportunities for higher education through partnerships with leading universities across the country while providing information and guidance to obtain scholarships, grant funds, and processing applications.

As part of the global initiative, DGH will also proudly host the “Dubai Global Trade Fair 2021”, expected to be the world’s largest multi-vendor AI-based, 3D virtual trade fair on 20 and 21 September 2021, with 16 major exhibitor categories and sponsors. Project Director Roozan Kuthoos expects around 500 exhibitors spanning across more than 65 countries and 10,000-plus visitors to participate in the event.

The DGH initiative is independently owned and operated by Digital Al Arabia Technology LLC, a global digital performance consulting company headquartered in Dubai with operations in North America, Europe, Africa, and South Asia, presided by Dr. Khalid Alseiari.


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