Oxypura Partners with Colombo Motor Show 2019 for the 4th Consecutive Time


Puritas, a fully owned subsidiary of Haycarb PLC – part of the Hayleys Group, is partnering with the ‘Colombo Motor Show 2019’ as the Personal Protection Partner for the fourth consecutive year. As one of the largest and most anticipated automobile events in the country, the event took place at the BMICH on the November 2019.

With its own range of activated carbon-based face masks, Puritas branded Oxypura is a premium face mask brand in Sri Lanka, catering to the needs of motorcyclists, their passengers as well as cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, who are exposed to toxic fumes during the rides. Its stylish product range includes Clipit – Car Air Purifier, a unique product which absorbs toxic emissions trapped within cars, ‘Mr. Fresh’, ‘Bin Fresh’ and ‘Fresco’ which provide protection from harmful odours as a result of oduor cross contamination and garbage, with the aim of keeping one’s home both fresh and safe.

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Adding to its extensive product portfolio, Puritas is gearing to introduce of two facemasks at the event, with the ‘Oxypura Neoprene’ and ‘Oxypura Safari’ being made available at the stall. Specially designed for riders and fitness enthusiasts, the ‘Oxypura Neoprene’ face mask promises a stylish look and extra comfort, while the ‘Oxypura Safari’ facemask comprises a camouflage material with dust filtration properties for travellers and wildlife lovers.

Elaborating a social message ‘Solution for Pollution’, Oxypura embarks on the importance of preventing respiratory related diseases and protecting the environment to ensure quality air for breathing. Oxypura has also developed a virtual reality (VR) game enabling players to experience a real world simulation of riders travelling through high levels of air pollutants, further reiterating this message.

Apart from manufacturing and marketing Oxypura facemasks and odour removers, Puritas (Private) Limited provides environmental engineering solutions for water and wastewater treatment for all types of industries. Puritas is present in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Further, there products are exported to India, Bangladesh, Samoa, Macedonia, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

Image result for Oxypura motorcycleHaycarb, the parent company of Puritas, produces coconut shell based activated carbon for a variety of purification processes, to protect users from harmful gaseous emissions and fine dust particles of vehicle traffic. Its superior capability of removing sulphur dioxide has been proven by studies carried out by the Industrial Technological Institution (ITI), Sri Lanka. A major property of activated carbon is its high absorption capacity due to its very high surface area. Haycarb PLC’s activated carbon is made from coconut shell charcoal that has created a major economic use for coconut shells since the company’s inception in 1973. Haycarb commands 16% of the global market share in coconut shell based activated carbon.


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