‘Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo’ turns 1


 The Kaleidoscope crew

  • Celebrates a year of positive programs that shape opinion
  • Features over 280 change-makers, including 149 women
  • Spotlights 50 plus key issues, covering 40 industry areas

‘Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo,’ a program that was birthed in the midst of the pandemic last year, turns one this May, presenting 54 powerful and positive episodes to date.

A weekly show of around 15 minutes which is uploaded every Friday on the YouTube channel ‘Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo’, the program features a unique format, comprising a quick round-up of the week in a news snapshot, a news capsule and issue-based segments.

Over the course of the last year, Kaleidoscope has featured over 280 newsmakers, change-makers, trailblazers and risk takers, including 149 women achievers, over 60 start ups and entrepreneurs, discussing 50 plus key issues and covering 40 industry areas.

The program, conceptualised and hosted by media professional Savithri Rodrigo, who is also Co-Director and Executive Co-Producer with Prishan Pandithage, has showcased innovators, differentiators, disruptors, opinion shapers and movers and shakers each week for 54 weeks, bringing positive news to people in a time of pandemic downturn.

Each week it features newsmakers, corporate captains, high achievers, pioneers, innovators, disruptors, gender voices, entrepreneurs, young people, activists, heads of missions and agencies, risk takers, trailblazers, creative people, and Sri Lankans who are keeping the flag flying overseas – essentially anyone who is newsworthy.

The show also has a lifestyle segment and its backdrops each week are themed with interesting trivia to relieve boredom, along with a fun element somewhere in the show. 

“It started during the pandemic in May 2020. The world was in depression and Sri Lanka was in lockdown. Every bit of news we came across was disheartening. I had come to the end of one of my working chapters and was pondering what to do, when my husband Shewantha said, ‘Why don’t you get onto social media with positive news?’ I’ve always loved being in front of a camera so I called up my now ‘partner in crime’ Prishan Pandithage and he came on board before I had finished my sentence,” said Savithri, outlining how it began.

“Our first program went out on 15 May 2020, with the entire concept being that we would only focus on positive news and give people a sense of optimism no matter how bad the situation was. Keeping one’s mind positive is part of winning a war,” she asserted.

This new venture was the perfect formula for Savithri, a people person who loves challenges and is perfectly at home in front of the camera. Savithri has never shied away from trying something new, donning various hats over the course of her career, ranging from television reporter, producer, journalist, MC and moderator to corporate writer, author, PR strategist and corporate trainer.

Via ‘Kaleidoscope,’ she attempts to be the bearer of happy news while also paying heed to burning issues and encouraging people to make lifestyle changes to be more socially conscious and environmentally responsible.

For Prishan, who enthusiastically came on-board the moment Savithri pitched the program idea, it was substance that clinched the deal.

“I agreed instantly because, being an avid follower of news in all its forms, I knew that the one thing Sri Lanka didn’t have was a proper magazine style program covering news, current affairs, discussion topics and lifestyle areas – with substance.  That is the most important word here – substance.  I knew that the program would have that and more, given her expertise, experience and credibility as a respected media person, so I had no hesitation in saying yes. The journey has been a lot of fun – we’ve met lots of people, discussed many issues, created platforms for discussion and grown a lot since our first program in May 2020 and we’ll keep growing,” he emphasised.

The feedback received over the last year from viewers both in Sri Lanka and across the world has also propelled the program to greater heights, strengthened by its impressive collective of sponsors – currently MPower Capital and Ceylinco Life, and safe health partner Amami Hotel Supplies.

Corporates that have supported the program over the last year include People’s Bank, CDB and Singer Sri Lanka, while music maestro Neranjan De Silva composed the original music score for the program’s theme and segments.

Recalling the first show, which was put together right in the middle of lockdown, Savithri said: “My first guests were Mevan Pieris and Dinali Bandaranayake, who were both ever so supportive of our new baby. That first program serves as a benchmark to what a journey we have come on – the challenges have been unending, but I have a great team with Prishan leading the way. The program production has improved in leaps and bounds and each day is a learning curve but we move on, up and up.”

‘Kaleidoscope with Savithri Rodrigo’ covers a wide range of issues and areas, from economy to investment, achievements to activism, global firsts to nation firsts, industries to innovation, youth voices to gender conversations, prompting eco to going green, and changes to life and lifestyle changes.

“I’ve always wanted give women, young people and LGBTQ conversations more focus, followed by social and environmental issues. Each day, I discover more extraordinary people who rarely get a voice. My assistant Thilini Perera, Shewantha, Prishan and I are always looking for these stories. Given how much we keep discovering, even if I run the program for the next 10 to 20 years, I will still have an overflow – this shows the extent of amazing achievers out there,” Savithri concluded, preparing for more programs that shape opinion, showcase brilliance and bring positive change.


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