EdHat International Research Conference Sri Lanka 2019


22rd of November 2019 EdHat International Research Conference Sri Lanka will be held  at Sri Lanka Foundation – Colombo

EdHat International is a UK awarding body contributes substantially to improve and maintain the eminence of internationally recognized higher education to students who are aspiring to achieve their university level qualification. A student can effortlessly obtain a top-up degree via three main routes by following a degree programme at one of the EdHat International Global Partner Universities or in a local campus of the corresponding university or in another country with an assured academic advancement.

Image result for edhatEdHat International conducts International Research Conferences with a wide range of thought provoking topics annually. These International Conferences are held in one of the countries where EdHat International hold offices. The main aim of such International Research Conferences are to provide a valuable and a well recognized platform for researchers and scholars worldwide who are motivated in achieving excellence in a particular field by presenting their findings and innovations to an erudite community.

The student participants are enlightened with an in-depth knowledge regarding the various options that are available to them in their desired field of study to present and share their original research and expertise on Engineering and Bio Technology in developed, developing and emerging economies. Technology in all around the world plays a vital role that affects the livelihoods and wellbeing of a wide array of people which includes the growth of new and established organisations, and the economic vitality of their financial state.



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