Comfort World International honours employees at ‘Employee Appreciation Day 2022’


Comfort World International (Pvt) Ltd recently held its employee recognition event to recognize long-serving employees and to reward outstanding employees who have contributed in exceptional ways towards the company’s performance and transformation over the years. The event was held on the first working day of the year and was the first of its kind since the group was formed over 20 years ago.

Long Service Awards were presented to long standing employees of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. Over 50% of the organizations’ employees were recognized with a long service award for their dedication and loyalty towards the company, with two employees receiving an award for serving the organization since its inception.


Group Chairman Naushad Mohideen commenting on the initiative said “The event was an exercise to recognize and reward staff for their commitment and dedication in serving the organization, and their efforts to positively contribute to the organizations progress. The contribution of our employees has been vital to achieving the outcome we did even during the past few challenging years.”

Comfort World has been pioneering the transformation of the bedding space in Sri Lanka since its formation and has continued to revolutionize the mattress space within the country, with an intention of enhancing the overall wellbeing of those using their products. Comfort World offers a range of bedding dedicated exclusively to cater to the hospitality industry, combining the best of comfort and luxury with world-class quality, partnering with over 500 hotels in Sri Lanka, Maldives and the Seychelles as their trusted choice of bedding.


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