Avtra Wins APICTA 2020-21 Award for its Innovative Software Product


Avtra, one of the world’s leading providers in technology solutions for the aviation and tourism sectors, was named winner in the Consumer, Media, Tourism and Retail Category at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2020-2021 for its superior quality and application of technology, functionalities and features, market potential, and uniqueness.

This was in recognition of its new-generation Avtra Skaii Passenger Service System, a reservation system that provides an online sign-up application for airlines to instantly create a platform to sell tickets utilising Avtra’s comprehensive admin back-office portal and a variety of distribution channels. Avtra’s Co-Founder and CTO Nasly Yoosuf said, ‘We take great pride in our recognition at the recent APICTA Awards. This is a testament to our innovation mindset, continuous development in technology enabling the industry transform from its conventional processes and the dedication and resilience of our teams.’’


As a specialist IT provider for the airline industry, Avtra offers end to end software solutions for airlines, airports and travel agents. The core strength of Avtra is its diverse and talented team based in Sri Lanka and their unwavering commitment and excellence towards delivering innovative purpose-built IT solutions that can support modern carriers and their needs.

Avtra is actively looking to expand its team in Colombo to achieve its ambitious product roadmap, as well as for several exciting new client implementations. Vacancies are in software development using latest Java, web, mobile and cloud technologies; business intelligence, artificial intelligence and application support. The company attracts the crème la crème from both state and private universities, as well as higher education institutions in Sri Lanka.

“We aim to make aware and uplift our brand among prospects who would love to work with us in developing and supporting some of the most cutting-edge software and solutions that power airlines globally. We foster a win-win culture and a stimulating workplace environment where every individual could champion and progress with an entrepreneurial, creative, and innovative mindset”, Mr Yoosuf said.

Based in Malaysia, APICTA is an association of ICT communities nominated by member economies in the region, who come together in the spirit of collaboration and facilitating technology transfer, forming a cooperative network that promotes technology innovation and creativity, and encourages the development of original ICT solutions including product introduction and business matching opportunities.

Held virtually this time around due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 20th APICTA Awards showcased innovative products and solutions from among competing member economies such as Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Avtra today is a result of many years of dedication and hard work. It has been built from scratch, incorporating the latest open technologies, in a multi-tiered modular architecture – allowing for the delivery of portfolio of innovative products for aviation and travel industry.


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