‘e-Swabhimani – Digital Social Impact Awards’ Receives Highest Entries in 2021


The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA), announces that it received more than 325 entries from applicants for ‘e Swabhimani- Digital Social Impact Awards this year. This is the highest number of entries received in the history of the event.

The Digital Social Impact Awards, e-Swabhimani, recognizes the excellence of the use of Information and Communication Technology tools and applications for social wellbeing. It is an initiative launched in  2009 by ICTA ,and over the past 11 years it has successfully brought to light some of the best of local talent. The concept of e-Swabhimani is strongly committed to promote innovative and creative digital products and services of local developers, and serves as a platform to take the best applications to international level.


Entries were open under the Business and Commerce, Culture, Tourism, Digital Entertainment, Environment, Green Energy, Health & Wellbeing, Inclusion & Empowerment, Government & Citizens Engagement, and Learning & Education categories. Top three entry categories for which entries received were Business & Commerce, Education and Health.

Along with the contribution to the society the applications will be evaluated for technical aspects and strategic aspects under each category. e-Swabhimani has been among the winners of World Summit Awards since 2010 bringing fame to Sri Lanka. This year too the winners will stand a chance to present their case at the World Summit Awards.

As a platform that hails ‘catalytic innovation’, for social change e-Swabhimani is the only award in Sri Lanka that appreciates digital solutions for the benefit of society. Shortlisting applications is currently underway and winners will be announced by ICTA.


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