ICBS Announces Partnership with UNIVISER

ICBS Announces Partnership with UNIVISER | LankaTalks | Sri Lanka News

To harness the power of peer-to-peer technology to enhance the new student experience

For over two decades the Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) has been recognised as a leading business school in Sri Lanka and a pioneer in CIMA learning, training, and education in Sri Lanka. Today, the industry heavyweight has taken yet another step to further cement its legacy. In April 2021, the business school made public its new growth strategy to partner with UNIVISER, a Singaporean and Sri-Lankan-based innovative platform that uses peer-to-peer technology to instantly connect a higher educational institution’s future students, current students, and alumni through a centralised digital mobile platform.

The partnership is expected to provide ICBS with access to an advanced technology platform that allows prospective students to have instant access to current ICBS star students, known as Student Ambassadors. According to the institute reports, word of mouth has been a critical driving force in student recruitment for ICBS. Tech platforms like UNIVISER provide the instant ability to boost the impact of word-of-mouth references through scalability. With the move, ICBS hopes to instantly access multiple new leads through mobile technology applications with a wider digital reach. As younger students continue to rely heavily on digital platforms and peer reviews to socially confirm and inform their higher education decisions, UNIVISER’s strategy is to promote peer to peer networking amongst key stakeholders will help prospective students make more informed decisions regarding their higher education pathways. This in turn allows them to gain in-depth knowledge about ICBS’s degree programs, as well as general knowledge about ICBS teacher quality, peer reviews, and the overall university atmosphere.

As the COVID-19 pandemic’s prevalence is still felt worldwide, enabling prospective students to safely and virtually gain a comprehensive understanding of an institution’s study programs and curriculum is critical for an institute’s future.

“We are all super stoked to be working with ICBS; the team at ICBS are open-minded and forward-thinking. There are great synergies and I am looking forward to helping them to take their marketing strategy to the next level using the Peer to Peer concept,” stated CEO UNIVISER, Ismail Sadurdeen.

“One simple word of recognition coming from a friend is worth more than million rupees spent over advertising and marketing. This was one of the major marketing strategies that we relied on, which brought success to Imperial College of Business Studies for many years. I was fascinated by the solution provided by Univiser that is timely and important for any educational institution,” Head of Marketing ICBS Sampath Soysa commented.

He emphasised that they were satisfied with the professional approach of the Univiser Team, with the continuous support they are providing their ambassadors and the attitude they carry with a sincere interest in upgrading the current standards. “This was one of the best decisions; we made to take our student-institution relationship to the next level. I need to thank Ismail and his team for the undying efforts, dedication that they put in to make our objectives realised through the system,” Sampath further added.

As one of the oldest business schools in Sri Lanka, ICBS is recognized as an industry pioneer for CIMA education. Accredited by CIMA (UK) as a ‘Learning Partner Institute’, it is also the only institute in South East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa to have 2 Premium Learning Partner Institutes and is a Gold Approved Learning Partner (ALP) of ACCA. To learn more, visit https://icbsgroup.lk/ or contact info@icbsgroup.com UNIVISER is a Singaporean and Sri Lankan-based tech startup that has pioneered the peer to peer digital networking platform which enables prospective students to connect with current students and alumni of universities and institutions. To learn more, visit https://www.univiser.io/ or contact hello@univiser.io

ICBS Announces Partnership with UNIVISER | LankaTalks | Sri Lanka News

(Left – right) Assistant Manager Recruitment of ICBS – Praveen Namasivayam, Head of Marketing of ICBS – Sampath Soysa and CEO of UNIVISER – Ismail Sadurdeen


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