Exeed College Announces Partnership with Univiser

Exeed College Announces Partnership with Univiser

Exeed College, the UK-based higher educational institution providing online and part-time MBA programmes, PG diplomas, and professional certification courses has entered into a partnership with UNIVISER. The Singaporean and Sri Lankan based tech start-up. With the new alliance, Exeed stands to strengthen its position in the higher education landscape in 116 countries. The partnership allows Exeed to avail of UNIVISER’s pioneering digital platform that uses peer-to-peer technology to connect prospective students with Exeed College’s elite crowd of star-student ambassadors. 

Student recruitment has been undergoing a host of changes with technological innovations taking the main stage in finding prospective learners. Exeed College expects to revamp its student recruitment process by accessing the customisable digital platform offered by UNIVISER. The platform will help Exeed College connect its prospective students with their star students and alumni; their motto of equality, diversity, and inclusiveness, has always been keen to provide access to students from all backgrounds and today boasts of a diverse demographic of students coming from over 50 countries. With the new platform, Exeed College officials will provide them with a more efficient way to connect with students. The goal is to ensure that prospective candidates have access to relevant information that helps them make informed decisions about their enrolment.

“We are delighted at our partnership with Univiser. We look forward to benefiting from the brilliant tech platform. Which we believe will make our enrolment marketing more effective. The platform will help our future students’ decisions making easier by helping them interact with our student ambassadors,” Head of Business and Admissions, Exeed College, Dr. Bhawana Chawla commented.

The partnership with UNIVISER also confirms Exeed College’s commitment to the online delivery of content and signals their move to digitise their student experience through virtual technology.

“It has been great working with Exeed College team, they have been heavily tech-focused especially in their delivery of lectures and partnering with Univiser is testament to the fact even at the pre-enrolment stage they want to make it easy for their future students. I am confident we can achieve great synergies in lead generation, nurturing and mentoring for them,” Founder and CEO of UNIVISER, Ismail Sadurdeen added. Exeed College is the latest of a string of institutes to join UNIVISER’s transformational recruiting platform.

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