Next largest foreign debt repayment is US $ 1 billion on July 27 2021


In spite of adverse speculation, all debt service obligations of the Government have been duly met thus far in 2021, and the Government remains committed to maintaining its impeccable debt service record in the future as well, Central Bank of Sri Lanka said.

According to the latest statistics released by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the total outstanding Central Government debt at the end of November 2020 was Rs. 14,817.7 billion out of which Rs. 6,393.7 billion as foreign debt.

Meanwhile, the debt repayments are being paid regularly at various intervals and the next largest debt obligation due date is July 27, 2021, said the Superintendent of the Public Debt Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Dr.M. Z. M. Mr. Azim said. This was revealed by Mr. Azim at a media briefing held yesterday (04).

“Debt repayment is continues. Even the during month of March and throughout the financial year, different intervals you have debt repayments cycles. If you look at big maturities foreign debt obligations wise, next big tickets debt obligation is due on 27th of July that is the ISB maturity of USD 1 Bn”, Dr. M. Z. M. Aazim said.


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