Coffer – Every card offer in Sri Lanka is in this neat app


There’s a 50% off offer on your dream holiday hotel destination. How about a 12 month 0% installment plan to buy the latest iPhone?  Another 25% off discount on your favorite e-commerce site!

Now raise your hand if you don’t like card offers?

Admit it. Most of us get credit cards for their crazy deals! After all, how could you possibly get a 50% off on your favorite hotel if it wasn’t for a credit card?

Now imagine this. Early in the day, you get a text message to your phone about a card discount. On your way to work, you see a billboard with another offer. The moment you open the newspaper, there is yet another card promotion. You log into your email and there’s another offer!

Keeping up-to-date about all the card offers can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Here’s the problem. You get a text message about promotion but you have to visit their website to get more details. You see a discount on a brochure but the contact number is missing. Your friend mentioned to you about 30% off but forgot to mention the website! These are practical problems all of us face in trying to maximize credit card benefits in Sri Lanka.

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What if there’s a mobile app which has everything you need to know about all card offers in Sri Lanka? Well, there is such a mobile app. Coffer.

Coffer is a mobile app that has all the card offers and promotions. Not just your card. It has every offer from every card in every bank in Sri Lanka! And the best part is it’s completely FREE!

No more SMS alerts, SPAM emails, browsing Facebook and going through countless flyers. Everything you need to know about card offers is at your fingertips.

How does it work?

First, download the Coffer app. They have both Android and iOS apps. Once you do, there’s a simple login.

Next is the fun part. You can choose your bank. Then you have to select your card under your bank. There’s no limit to it. If you got 5 cards, you can select all 5 cards.


What if you have a debit card? Don’t worry. When they said all cards, they meant “all cards.” Yes, even debit cards are included in the app; and don’t forget, debit card payments carry certain discounts too.

Once you do that, you’re done. Then you’ll be able to see all the deals that are available under each card.

These are the benefits you get by using Coffer.

Total control

What if you only want to see offers on holiday deals? Or offers at restaurants? You can do that with Coffer. The app has 12 categories that you can use to filter deals. From “local holiday offers” to, “healthcare,” to “installment plans,” you can filter anything according to your preference and requirement. You can even select an offer discount range based on your liking.


Never forget another offer

How many times do you see a great offer only to forget about it the next day? It happens to all of us. You see a great deal on an e-commerce site. You promise ourselves to look into it again. Then you forget it. With Coffer, you don’t ever have to miss another great deal.

The moment you see a great offer on the app, you can add it to your wishlist.

Sharing is just a click away

You’ve been planning a romantic getaway with your spouse for a long time. Suddenly you see a massive discount at a dream holiday destination. How can you send the details to your wife? With Coffer, it’s easy as easy can get. Under every offer, you’ll see a share button and you can immediately share with anyone using Whatsapp, Viber, email, Facebook, etc.

Get the offer then and there!

With Coffer, you don’t necessarily have to visit the website of the merchant or the bank. You can simply call the merchant the moment you see the offer. Under each offer, there’s a “call merchant” button that lets you contact the merchant.

Peace of mind

With so many channels (SMS, email, social media, billboards, papers, flyers, and brochures) there’s way too much information. This can easily overwhelm someone to a point where they would think ignorance is bliss. What you need is something that could cut through the noise and give you what you’re looking for. That’s the best part of Coffer. It offers you peace of mind.

Imagine how peaceful you would feel knowing that all the offers your card has, are listed in one app. You have total control of choosing what you need and what you don’t. You don’t have to lose your mind thinking that you’re going to miss out another deal. The endless search for the right offer is over. Everything you need is at the tip of your fingertips.

There are over 14,000 app downloads for Coffer so far. If you’re convinced, download the app right now and give it a try. Click below to download.

Android – Click here

iOS – Click here

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