UNIDIL, member of Vallibel One PLC among the best 40 great work places in Sri Lanka


UNIDIL has stepped to another milestone in its growth journey by entering to the category of Best 40 Great Work Places in Sri Lanka. UNIDIL is the packaging arm of the business conglomerate of Vallibel One PLC.

Vallibel One PLC

The company has been in business over last 25 years and has been able to make the presence in the packaging industry as the market leader. State-of-the-art manufacturing facility consists of high-end machinery and techniques from Europe and China.

The company plays a vital role in the sectors of corrugated cartons and paper sacks manufacturing in the country. UNIDIL provides packaging solutions to almost all high-end customers in the island. They have been able to implement many modern management techniques to enhance the productivity and the efficiency of the organisation by establishing strong and closely monitored production processes. Consequently, the company has been able to minimize the cost of the production and to increase the efficiency of the production processes, eventually to maintain the deliveries on-time.

This recognition is a symbol of outstanding workplace culture that UNIDIL has fostered. It has been continuously endeavored to identify the skills and knowledge gaps of the employees and train them to deliver the highest results to the organization. UNIDIL trusts the necessity of the innovation and always stimulate and motivate the employees to escalate the potential skills and novel ideas to innovate the business processes. UNIDIL is benefited with the strength of the Vallibel group. Consequent to the Group support, innovation and high productivity maintain by the company, Unidil has been able to emerge as the market giant.


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