SLCSMI joins hands with iMED to launch capacity building programs for SMEs


The Sri Lanka Chamber of Small and Medium Industries (SLCSMI), the apex body for SMEs in Sri Lanka, has been at the forefront in supporting the SMEs during the pandemic. The chamber took several measures since the pandemic first hit the country in the first quarter of 2020. 

The webinar series ‘Way Forward for SMEs’ was a grand success among other initiatives, which was conducted with the participation of prominent scholars, leading business personalities as well as top rankers of State and private sector organisations. 

SLCSMI joins hands with iMED to launch capacity building programs for SMEs  | Daily FT

SLCSMI President Prof. Rohan De Silva said: “We are always there to represent and support the SMEs in the country and that’s our prime duty.

During the first wave, we understood the need to share the knowledge and provide psychological support for the business owners to withstand the difficult times and that’s how the webinar series was born.

Our initiative was well received by the businesses and our audience was not limited to Sri Lanka alone, as we witnessed participants from around 12 countries.” 

Prof. Rohan further said that the chamber had looked at the possibilities of providing sustainable solutions to the SMEs beyond merely conducting knowledge sharing sessions and the Executive Committee had decided to introduce a range of capacity building programs to develop the SMEs.

These programs include different solutions to address various gaps among the SMEs and the chamber intends to issue a valuable certificate for the participants of these programs.

The chamber has partnered with the Asia Pacific Institute of Money and Entrepreneurship Development (iMED) to design and deliver the programs and the details of the programs will be unveiled at the launching event scheduled to be held on 25 September.


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