Nestlé Health Science launches Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL


Nestlé Health Science launched its latest product, Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL – a nutritional food drink which helps older adults get the nutrition they need as part of a balanced diet, to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL contains protein to help maintain muscle strength and 16 vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, D, zinc, and iron to help support immunity. It is also a low-fat product and has a low glycemic index.


Nestlé Health Science consists of a team of experts who are committed to helping people age well. With its purpose of empowering healthier lives, Nestlé Health Science offers a range of every day, high-quality nutritional products developed based on innovative science and supported by comprehensive research.

“As a company which strives to serve consumers across generations from early childhood to old age, we continue to introduce innovative nutritional solutions that can make a positive impact on people’s quality of life. We hope the introduction of Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL will help Sri Lanka’s growing older generation, as it is specifically designed to meet a variety of nutritional needs of older adults” said Jason Avanceña, Managing Director of Nestlé Lanka.

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Distributed by A. Baur & Co. Pvt. Ltd, Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL is now available in supermarkets, stores, and pharmacies island wide, in 480g value packs. “As the trusted and long-term marketing and distribution partner for Nestlé Health Science, we are very excited to add Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL to our portfolio. With a proven track record in this product category, we believe Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL will become a household name very soon. Having done major investments in our sales and distribution network, today we stand as one of the most technologically advanced and best skilled sales forces in the country, ready to bring Nestlé BOOST ORIGINAL to the market in the most efficient way” said Rolf Blaser, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of A. Baur & Co. Pvt. Ltd.


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