Litro Gas: Encouraging industrial sectors with inter-fuel conversion


Switching to clean and efficient energy is a constant need that arises among industrial sectors in the world – Sri Lanka is no exception

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.Encouraging industries across sectors to go for LPG instead of kerosene or firewood, has been a key component of Litro Gas Lanka’s strategy to drive efficiency levels and uplift industries to utilise clean and safe energy.

“There are tremendous benefits in choosing LPG provided by the national LPG provider,” said Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. and Litro Gas Terminal Lanka Ltd. Chairman and CEO Anil Koswatte. “Aspects such as enhanced hygienic conditions and low fuel usage and less time to heat up equipment such as ovens are contributory factors. In addition, handling of LPG is easier and faster, given the fact that LPG is considered a green energy.”

“Litro Gas Lanka believes that it is our national obligation to encourage Sri Lankan industries and businesses to be energy efficient. It is a key aspect to our strategy in encouraging the local businesses to choose a cleaner energy,” he added.

The domestic usage of LPG in Sri Lanka stands at around 35% of the population who use it as their primary source of energy – there is tremendous potential for the LPG sector since alternate energy sources such as firewood and kerosene are still in use. Empowering communities to upgrade to clean energy from these energy sources causing indoor pollution is a key area of consideration for Litro Gas Lanka.

Litro Gas Lanka has the capability and the expertise to provide LPG in bulk to large commercial and industrial operations that rely on efficient, clean energy. “These operations require bigger, bulk facilities due to the fact that they need faster, consumption efficient energy,” said Litro Gas Lanka Director – Sales and Marketing Janaka Pathirathna. 

“We provide all the equipment needed – from storage tanks, vaporisers, pressure regulators and a piped network to the application in keeping with the highest safety standards. Litro Gas has the capacity and necessary infrastructure in place in designing, installing, maintaining and operating in-house bulk facilities.”

Commenting on switching to LPG, Litro Gas Lanka Senior Manager – Technical and Professional Business Lahiru Gawarammana said, “Driving application and innovation is the key to achieving energy efficiencies for all industries. Direct energy application and a clean, smooth operation of LPG are indeed among the powerful factors in favour of LPG driven energy sources.”

Among innovative solutions Litro Gas Lanka has pioneered in the LPG LOT (Liquid Off-take) Systems which are primarily used in commercial and industrial applications. “LOT system will be the ideal solution to an application which needs high LPG flow with less space availability. The system offers the large flow of a bulk tank and easy functionality of cylinder manifold.”

Litro Gas Lanka maintains 78% market share in the country’s LPG sector and operates over 14,000 points-of-sale, 1,500 home delivery hubs through a network of 42 distributors. A seamless supply of LPG throughout Sri Lanka ensures reaching over four million homes, while powering up countless industries and businesses that require a high output from clean energy.


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