Fortunaglobal showcases Affluence 2.0 Digital Banking Suite at The Power of 10 Virtual Summit India

Fortunaglobal showcased Affluence 2.0 Digital Banking Suite at, the Power of 10 Virtual Summit. A pioneer in the Fintech industry, Fortunaglobal has provided digital banking solutions in Sri Lanka for many years. The Power of 10 Virtual Summit, which was held on 15th September 2021 in India, is aimed at demonstrating how the latest generation of IBM Power systems can help clients respond faster to business demands, protect data with persistent security and streamline insights and automation – all with a frictionless hybrid cloud experience.

The Affluence Digital Banking Suite has helped financial institutions and banks to enhance their digital banking services and improve customer experience. It also enables them to gather sophisticated data and a more comprehensive overview of their customers’ behaviour patterns, which collectively helps to give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The event marked a significant milestone for Fortunaglobal as the all-new Affluence 2.0 Digital Banking Suite was displayed on a fully containerized micro-services architecture. The demonstration proved to be a success for the solution as many virtual visitors were impressed and paid visits to the digital booth.

The digital booths, having been a timely and innovative idea by The Power of 10 organizing committee, have allowed a multitude of companies to present their products and services seamlessly. These booths allowed visitors to interact with the products and engage with the representatives.

“With Affluence 2.0, we bring to market a unique solution that enables banks and financial service companies to leverage a hybrid cloud-based solution. This is a clean break from the current deployment of on-premises only monolithic solutions. This effectively makes maintenance and operations easier as Affluence 2.0 can be deployed in a containerized environment. We intended to pass this benefit to our current and future customers by offering our upcoming versions on this platform”, said Suren Kohombange, founder of Fortunaglobal.

Fortunaglobal is a leading Sri Lankan Fintech and Digital Transformations company. They constantly innovate solutions for their growing portfolio to meet the demands of the respective markets. Fortunaglobal spearheads the Sri Lankan digital banking ecosystem and serves a multitude of banking and non-banking financial institutions by supporting their ever-challenging digital journeys.