Abans PLC Excellent performance in the LMD Brands Annual 2021


Abans PLC was recognised as Sri Lanka’s Most Loved Retail Brand in the LMD Brands Annual 2021. This incredible feat comes on the heels of a superior performance during the last financial year 2020-2021, which has set Abans apart from its competitors by several miles. 

Abans PLC – Great Place to Work

The unique brand values strictly adhered to by Abans in every aspect of its daily functions and company goals, serve as the foundation towards building a valuable and meaningful relationship with customers and the whole of Sri Lanka. 

Despite facing turbulent times due to circumstances in the country, It has always steadfastly striven to carry out its duties with honesty, compassion and excellent customer satisfaction. Introducing technology and products to make the lives of Sri Lankans convenient in every way, enabling them to spend less time on chores and more time with family and loved ones, Abans has always delivered on its promise over several decades to build and maintain trust with customers as one big family.

Abans PLC was recently certified by the Great Place to Work Institute, as a Great Place To Work in Sri Lanka, adding to the endless laurels that the company has earned across the span of 50 years. Abans has been transforming its HR front, bringing in globally acclaimed HR practices in building talent and leadership, whilst enabling the organisation to redefine its culture by empowering the organisation to be future ready but retaining its value system. 

Abans secures the right talent and invests in them to ensure that they are given the right opportunities, whilst empowering them to grow with the organisation. The company believes in providing a work environment that empowers employees to enhance their potential and unleash their passions, which provides them freedom to focus on their wellbeing, so that they enjoy their work life at Abans. 

Abans is solidifying the leadership capacity of the organisation; by building future leadership pipelines which are focused on career and succession planning, effectively managing key talent, and providing coaching and mentoring for key positions. Drive for performance and innovation are two elements in the Abans culture that keep the teams inspired towards continuously achieving organisational success. 

embracing a workplace that endorses talent, performance and wellbeing, for the benefit of the entire company, Abans PLC is geared towards a future that seeks higher levels of innovation, customer satisfaction, and enhanced brand value.

The organisation is digitally transforming its operations and adopting itself to the new normal. Many digital developments have been done to keep up-to-date with the rapidly evolving technology and fast-paced lifestyles. 

Abans PLC is proud to be dominantly positioned in the Digital Space in the country, being ranked sixth in the Most Visible Brands on the Internet in Sri Lanka. This ranking appeared in the Digital Outlook Sri Lanka 2021 – Annual Market Insight Report, published by the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing Ltd.


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