Marketing metrics that matter in the evolving world

Marketing campaigns, channels and messaging have changed to accommodate the changing environment. It's time to re-look at our measurement metrics also.

Jumpstarting tourism: Why Digital Marketing should be priority

Last week, in the first part of this two-part article, we discussed restarting tourism in Sri Lanka under the headline “When and how we...

The startup mentality for corporates; how to avoid falling off the cliff

The business world has changed a lot in the past few months and will no doubt continue to change rapidly in the coming months....

8 Essential Tips For Small Business and Startups From Expert Entrepreneurs by Chelsea Segal

These days, it seems like everyone is hoping to become an entrepreneur and come up with “the next big thing”. Who can blame them?...

Do you know why most Sri Lankan startups fail?

According to research done by CB Insights, the number 1 reason for a startup to fail is because there is no market need for it.... A promise in the making in Lankan eCommerce?

The internet gave birth to a great many things. Out of these, eCommerce has grown to be one of the biggest global industries, with...

10 shortcuts made possible by .new

Who doesn’t love finding a good shortcut? A year ago, G Suite created a handful of shortcuts:,, and You can easily pull up a...

What to expect from the next Explorer Series meetup by Gapstars

Founded in 2015, Gapstars is a B2B service provider to Dutch software companies. Over the years, the company has developed a method to help...

Youtube A-Z | Teaser

Not yet signed up? Are you a female who wants to become a youtuber or a vlogger? Let YouTube...

Top 10 ideas from Yarl Geek Challenge Season 8

It was that time of the year again. A weekend in the sun-soaked city of Jaffna. The Yarl...

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How cloud computing is redefining management.

As the cloud transforms the manner in which we interact with technology overall, businesses and consumers alike are now highly reliant...

Global software company WSO2 turns 15 today

WSO2, a software company that began in Sri Lanka in 2005, marks 15 years of business operations today. Starting with just...

Online meeting between Embassy of SL in Russia and Ural Chamber of Commerce and...

On July 31, 2020, at the initiative of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russia, an online meeting was organized between...