Government asks electricity consumers to pay their bills, relief measures will follow

The government is asking electricity consumers to pay their bills in full for now until a proper method for relief is found,...

Sri Lanka inflation in June 2020 at to 3.9-pct

Sri Lanka’s consumer price inflation in the 12-months to June 2020 eased to 3.9 percent from 4.0 percent in May, though food...

Vehicle lease payers to meet President on six-month moratorium

With complaints mounting that a promised six-month debt moratorium for lease agreements has yet to materialise, a group representing vehicle loan payers in Sri...

National Audit Office highlights discrepancies over debt figures in treasury, CBSL records

The latest report of the Auditor General’s has observed that there are inconsistencies between the records of the central and the finance ministry on...

Sri Lanka’s budget transparency: improving but still behind international standards

The Open Budget Survey (OBS) scores countries on the openness of their budget process and is the world’s only independent assessment of information disclosure...

President calls for debt relief, financial stimulus for COVID-19 affected countries

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says that Sri Lanka reiterates its call and joins global appeals for international financial institutions and donors to provide debt relief...

Central Bank of Sri Lanka gives 2019 annual report to Mahinda

Sri Lanka’s central bank said it has handed over a copy of the 2019 annual report to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa who is also...

Sri Lanka’s headline inflation decreased in March

LBO - Sri Lanka’s headline inflation as measured by the year-on-year change in the National Consumer Price Index has decreased to 7.0 percent in...

Central Bank issues circular to banks about new credit support scheme for SMEs

LBO – Sri Lanka’s Central Bank says that based on the discussions they had with banks, it is observed that the proposed credit support...

Why capitalism needs to be reset in 2020

The FT’s Gillian Tett, Katie Martin and Andrew Hill outline the case for reinventing and reforming the model of free enterprise capitalism to deliver...

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Sri Lanka coconut auction prices drop 12-pct from peak

Sri Lanka’s average coconut prices fell 5.67 percent to 48,743 rupees for a 1000 nuts at an...

Sri Lanka to give same state guaranteed price for all types of paddy

Sri Lanka will give the same guaranteed price of 50 rupees for all types of paddy, during the Yala 2020 minor cultivation...

New appointments to Central Bank’s Monetary Board

New members have assumed duties as serving members of the Monetary Board of the Central Bank, pursuant...